The Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) is an RC model Aircraft Flying Club that operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of R/C model airplane flying. The club is composed of over 250 members.

Our club's flying field is located at the Prado AirPark in Chino, California within the Prado Regional Park Area Near Chino California. Our well-maintained runway is approximately '800’ x  50’ with enough asphalt pit area to support 30 canopies and features unobstructed flying in all directions. You must either be a PVMAC member or be an AMA member with an FAA license and obtained a $20 day pass at the Prado field to fly there. Due to FAA regulations, A 400' flying ceiling is strictly enforced and a fire extinguisher is required.


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2023  PVMAC Events      
  • Oct-14 - Tony Frackowiaks gentleman's style sportsman Pylon Race
  • Oct-15  - Eliminator Racing #3
  • Dec-2 :Saturday- Toys for Tots Fun Fly & Swap Meet

2024  PVMAC Events      
  • Apr-20&21 - Fun Scale Fly in (Warbirds/Classics)
  • Jun-22&23 - Big Jolt EDF Fun Fly 
  • Dec-7th.     - Toys For Tots Fun Fly & Swap Meet

Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club

Point of Reference Signs - 400 Feet

In our efforts to provide continuous training we have installed signs regarding our 400 foot AGL restriction and a reference point of what 400 feet looks like when flying a 60 size plane.

The 400 foot reference is located at the Southeast corner of the pits. You will find “400” stenciled on the asphalt. As you look to the east you will find a sign representing a 60 size plane. From the stencil to the sign is 400 feet.

Hope this all helps us better understand and comply with our 400 foot AGL restriction.

Have fun and keep them flying!


Pro-Rated New Memberships are back for 2023

newspaper sm
The PVMAC is bringing back Pro Rated New membership dues for new members joining the PVMAC after July 1. Pilots can now become a new PVMAC member at the Pro-rated fee of $50 (a %50 discount) plus the normal 1x new member initiation fee of $100, for a total of $150.  This totals a %25 savings for new members and also makes you eligible for the renewal rate when you renew your membership for 2024. This membership is good for the remainder of 2023, and will expire on Dec 31, 2023.    

As usual,  all membership forms must be signed, completed, Proof of AMA and FAA, and a signed check in the amount of $150 enclosed. 

Click here to go to the 2023 Membership page for more information and to download the Pro-Rated new member application Form. 

BIG JOLT 2- Wrap Up

BigJolt Logo MediumThe Big Jolt II EDF Fun Fly took place at the Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) in Chino, California June 2 and 3, 2023. Flying field is within the Prado Regional Park Area near Chino California boasting a huge 800 foot asphalt runway with plenty of width for those questionable approaches with enough pit area to support 30 canopies. Event hosted 31 registered pilots primarily from the Southern California, and as far as Sacramento, California

Big Jolt is a Southern California event that started way back in 2010 and has been a pretty popular electric model airplane fly-in since. Big Jolt experienced a hiatus due to economics and then of course the COVID era. Back in the day prop planes dominated the sky. As the industry evolved a mix of prop and EDF aircraft ruled the air. Fast forward to 2023 EDF’s will have their own day in the sun.

PVMAC Field was a buzz with one hundred people in attendance to include overnight campers, pilots, vendors, spectators, family and those just having a great time. Saturday was the primary day for flying, socializing and vendor exhibitions. Pilots took to the air showcasing what modern day EDF’s are capable of. From generic 6S systems to modified 8S and 12S systems the sky was buzzing with excitement. Foam is the go-to material for most electric model airplanes today. There are some really cool foam birds out there these days that have recently become available. Most manufacturers airframes were present from the basic foam BNF to 100% composites that would dent your savings account. What struck me this year was the variety of aircraft that were there that included some really unique stuff aircraft.

Several vendors were onsite with generous industry support such as Horizon Hobby, FrSky, RCBattery, Pegasus Hobbies, Progressive RC, Ted Novack, House of Balsa, RC Plane Stands and RTL Fasteners for the now infamous end of day Pilot’s Raffle.

In addition to the non-stop flying of EDF’s Gary G from EffluxRC conducting an exciting high speed demonstration.This was followed by the Speed Contest that drew some fierce competition. At the end Danny Serrato with his BVM Electra claimed the Title as Fastest EDF in Southern California clocking and average speed of 182.5 mph with a top speed of 201 mph.. EffluxRC manned their vendor space providing technical and physical hardware for those with the desire to upgrade their power systems.

Our local Horizon Hobby group of Fliers under the command of Doug Anderson took off in formation piloting F-16’s in coordinated formation and tactical flying demonstration. With EDF’s flight time and landing sequence is paramount. The Horizon Team were definitely a crowd pleaser with fellow pilots and spectators.

At the close of the meet most of the birds went home with their owners wearing a big smile waiting for Big Jolt III in 2024.

Written By:Erv Myers 
PVMAC Board Member and Event Coordinator



June 2022 Club Meeting Video

Here is the video of the PVMAC June 2022 Club meeting held on the 14th. There were lots of views of the May club meeting (84 to date), but the average viewing time was only about 8.5 minutes out of 45 total running time. This time, I've edited the video down to 10 minutes so it's more in line with the viewing trends of our audience.

Click on the photo to watch the video on YouTube.

 2022 June Club meeting

May 2022 Club Meeting

For those that could not attend the May Club Meeting, I recorded and posted it to Youtube. Some of the topics discussed were members we lost, weeds, treasury report, Eliminator Air Races, costs on the rise, membership fees for 2023, Cal Poly's stem project at our field, Club Meeting Raffles, the snack shack break in, new gate keys and finally club t-Shirts.

Click on the photo to watch the video on YouTube.


PVMAC Supports Greg Stone For AMA District X VP

Greg Stone For DistrictX VP The PVMAC is supporting Greg Stone for our AMA District X Vice President. Greg has been a member of the PVMAC for a number of years and has been serving on our Board of Directors for over 2 years, and we recognize all the positive contributions he has made not just to our club but to other clubs and the hobby. As long as we have known Greg, he has been a constant champion for our hobby and worked tirelessly to promote and introduce our hobby and its’ many benefits to younger generations. As the voting ballots start arriving in your mailbox this week, we encourage you to cast your VOTE FOR Greg Stone for AMA District X Vice President. 


Click here to see More Information about Greg Stone and why we are supporting Him.

Membership club meetings canceled...

updateDue to a lack of attendance, the monthly membership club meetings have been canceled until further notice. Sorry for the bad news.  Please check back here or  facebook for further updates when they become available. 

Field Is Now Open

Ted Williams Thumbs UpGreat News Everyone! The field is now open for flying. The below sign will be posted at numerous locations at the field.

New smStarting Today-5/11, the San Bernanrino parks department is no longer requiring pilots to wear a mask at the field. The PVMAC B.O.D. is recommending pilots continue to wear masks as a courtesy to others and safety precaution, but it's not required. Also, please continue to maintain 6' of social distancing; were not out of the woods yet. Be safe, be courteous to others, and have fun flying.


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