The Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club (PVMAC) is an AMA Gold Leader Club that operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of R/C model airplane flying. The club is composed of approximately 250 members.

Our clubs flying field is located at the Prado AirPark in Chino, California within the Prado Regional Park Area Near Chino California. Our well maintained runway is approximately '800’ x  50’ with enough asphalt pit area to support 30 canopies and features unobstructed flying in all directions. You must either be a PVMAC member or be an AMA member and have obtained a $10 day pass at the prado field to fly there. Due to FAA regulations, A 400' flying ceiling is strictly enforced and a fire extinguisher is required.


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2019  PVMAC Events      
  • April 12th-14th Scale Fun fly 
    Prado Airpark, Chino CA
  • Oct 5th Classic Pattern Contest 
    Prado Airpark, Chino CA
  • December TBD Toys for Tots Fly In and Swap Meet
    Prado Airpark, Chino CA

Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club

Big Jolt 2011 Wrap-Up!

BigJolt2011_BVMJetBig Jolt has been over for almost 2 weeks now, and were just getting around to assembling all the material.   The event was a  BIG Success dispite the 108 degree heat.  We had almost 70 Registered pilots, this year, with many coming from as far away as Arizona.  This year we added a night flying competition, which we had many competitors, as well as spectators turn out for the dazzling night time flying light show.  We also had the speed run, though this year was not as fast as last year due to the heat and wind, but it was sill very fast , with top speeds approaching 190Mph.   Check out the Speed Trials Result Document Here.

We have posted some photos from the event so be sure to check the PVMAC photo gallery, and  John Reid from Model Airplane News posted some videos on

The PVMAC would like to give a BIG THANK YOU! to all of the 2011 Big Jolt Sponsors, who helped make this event such a great success. Like everyone else, these businesses are also having more difficult times these days, but they stepped up to the plate to make some significant donations to make our event a success.   Be sure to show your appriciation by purchasing their products,  which will allow them to stay in business during these difficult times.

Big Jolt 2011 Gold Sponsors




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Big Jolt Silver Sponsors:

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Big Jolt Medallian Sponsors:

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Lady Alice Featured

smLadyAliceDr. Ken Wagner is a PVMAC Member, and an avid RC pilot and modeler, and has the unique distinction of being proud owner of Lady Alice, a real P-51 Mustang.   Dr. Wagner has been very generous to the PVMAC, often donating ride alongs for raffle or auction, which benefit our club tremendously.  And if you have ever been to any of our hanger dinners held during our events, you've probably had a chance to sit in the cockpit of this immaculate piece of history.  And seeing this museum piece up close, you can't help but feel your in the presence of a true thoroughbred, whose caretaker has treated her as such, with passion, love and devotion.   Every aspect of the plane is impeccable, and no details were spared.  It reminds me of a glossy concept show car on the podium at the L.A. auto show, except it flies, and Dr. Wagner is at the controls almost every weekend.

Scott Plummer of PlaneVideoArt Productions has produced and narrated a fantastic video featuring Dr. Wagner and his P-51, Lady Alice.  If your interested in the history of this P-51, or how Dr. Wagner came to be the proud owner, or what it's like to pilot this stallion, or what its like to ride along, I encourage you to watch this high quality documentary produced for Warbirds on the Net.  

2011 IMAC Event writeup on

2-in-the-air-300x220There is a nice write up of this years IMAC event that just passed on the Model Airplane News website.  The write up gives a complete list of all the classes and who the winners were. The article was written by West Coast Senior Editor John Reid and the great photos were provided by Sam wright and Phil Goodwine.  Check in out here!




Unfortunate Sad News....


PVMAC member Allan Hess has informed me of some sad news this evening.  Allan Writes; "It was brought to my attention today that Jerry Boggs, longtime PVMAC & MARKS club member passed away June 11 of natural causes.  Jerry cut back his flying as of late, but used to be part of the Mon/Wed/Fri group at Norton.
We are told that Funeral is at Mt. View cemetery in San Bernardino, 10am, Tues June 21. " 

Here is the Obituarity printed in the San Bernardino Sun on June 19.

JERRY ALLEN BOGGS Age 72, a resident of San Bernardino for 37 years, passed away on June 11, 2011. He was born in San Bernardino. He was a Journeyman for 50 years with the Edison Company until 1994. He was active in the Pomona Valley R.C. Club and Marks R.C. Club. Also a member of the N.R.A. Jerry is survived by his mother, Barbara Myrle Boggs; sons, Jeff and David Boggs; Grandchildren, Stevi and Sam. Visitation: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 9-10 A.M. with Funeral Service at 10:00 A.M. at Mt. View Mortuary.

Please visit: to offer condolences.

Scale Squadron Fly-In 2011:Wrap-up

ScaleSquad_EventWrapup PhotoThe Scale Squadron Fly-In 2011 is behind us and all that can be said is wow. This year's turn out was strong with 68 registered pilots, and almost 550 spectators  throughout the weekend. This was in-spite of the poor weather that was forecasted. New for this year,  was a seminar put on by the Scale squadron with guest speakers Larry Wright & Gordon Trough talking about the basics of Scale Masters and how to get started.  This years lunch menu was one area of improvement, as they were able swap out the usual hot dogs and "hockey pucks" for some Philly Cheese Steaks. The Zap Tap room was also improved this year, thanks in part to the catering which was done by Zendejas Mexican food.  Randy Wilbur, the CD for this event, says that everything went really smooth with no snags.   Thanks to all the numerous volunteers from both the Scale Squadron and the PVMAC who helped make this event possible.

Be sure to check out the Photo Gallary with over 250 Images from the event.

Here are your 2011 Scale Squadron Fly-In Winners.

People’s Choice

  1. Kyle Goodwin $ Frank Harris – F4F Wildcat
  2. Rick Powers - Savoia-Marchetti SM.79
  3. Steve Gamble - P-40 Warhawk

Best Military

  1. Kyle Goodwin & Frank Harris – F4F Wildcat
  2. Rick Powers - Savoia-Marchetti SM.79
  3. Bob Mabli – Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Best Civilian

  1. Tim Cardin – Beach Stagerwing
  2. Kyle Goodwin – Extra 260
  3. Al Case – Midget Mustan

Best Realistic Flight

  1. John Deacon - Piper L-4A "Grasshopper

Best Detailed ARF

  1. Kenny Thorton - Republic P-47 Thunderbolt

Best EDF Jet

  1. Chris Wolfe - Vought A-7 Corsair II

Best EP Prop

  1. John Bayshore - Grumman F8F Bearcat

Best of Show

  1. Brian Young - Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Commanders Award

  1. The Goodwin Family

Prop Balancing 101

If you're a reletive newcomer to the hobby like me, or you have been in the hobby for years,  you probably know that you need to balance your propellers in order to reduce vibration and get the best performance.  However, I doubt that anyone ever went through the trouble of showing you how to properly do this basic task.  If you're like me, you've probably heard that you should be doing it, bought a balancer,  and did your best to figure it out on your own.  Thanks to  for releasing this excellent Youtube Video that thoroughly covers the subject.  Its amazing what one can learn on even the most basic of subjects when the time is taken to teach us.


Scale Squadron Featured in Model Aviation Mag

MA_CoverYou'll definately want to pay particular attention to the June issue of Model Aviation Magazine, which should have already arrived in your mailbox, and is probably sitting there waiting to be read, as mine was.   To my surprise, this issue features  an article about the 2010 Scale Squadron Fly-in, which happens to be hosted by your PVMAC Club at Prado airfield.  Thanks to Randy Wilbur, event organizer and PVMAC Member for writing and submitting this timely article. It has some fantastic photos, and is a great write-up of the event. 

This article should give a huge boost to the 2011 event as this is incredible advertisement.  The 2011 event will be held on June 4-5, and promises to be bigger and better than last years.  Be Sure to check out the event page for more information on the 2011 event.


10 Questions featuring Richard Pandis

R_PandisthumbThis week we are featuring expert scale modeler and PCMAC club member, Richard Pandis.  It's always easy to find Richard at the flight line as he always looks to be surrounded by has own mini German Luftwaffe.   His planes are finely detailed, and he is always willing to share his knowledge on his planes, and the history behind them.  Richard is also a frequent participant at most of the warbird airshows the PVMAC puts on, and his airplanes are always a crowd pleaser.  Also, Be sure to check out the High Quality YouTube Video  below Featuring his ME-2621A Project, produced by PlaneVideoArt Productions.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself.
    I am a Federal Agent and currently mobilized with NCIS at GTMO working on the detainee issue.
  2. How long have you been flying model airplanes?
    I started flying in 1984 with my neighbor Jeff Fassbinder.
  3. What was the first airplane you flew and how did it go?
    Kit built Eagle and Jr. Tiger. Jeff helped me build them back then. We were in 8th grade. ARF's really didnt exist yet. 
  4. How many different airplanes do you think you've owned since you started?
    Close to 100 maybe more
  5. What is/are your most favorite aspects about being involved in this hobby?
    Im a big History buff. Prefer Luftwaffe subjects. I spend more time researching the aircraft and pilot than anything. I enjoy the history almost as much as the flying. My rule is, no hanger queens...If I build it...I fly it.
  6. Tell me about the airplane you enjoy flying most today?
    Right now my favorite is my BVM Electra. Really nothing like EDF power and BVM has it all dialed in.
  7. What's the best memory you have since becoming involed in this hobby?
    The friends I have made in the hobby.
  8. What is the biggest mistake you've made (in the Hobby), and what did you learn from it?
    Not speaking up when I see a new guy doing something dangerous. Made it a rule to help as many less experienced modelers with basic safety when I can. Seen a few fingers lossed at the field and want to avoid that again.
  9. What are you working on now?
    I have a 144" wingspan TA-152 H-1 Focke Wulf coming out soon. This was the Luftwaffes last fighter of the war. Only about 8 saw combat around Berlin in May 1945. David Pearson is helping on this project. Final aircraft will be "grun 4" flown by Walter Loos. Will be a show stopper when finished.
  10. If you could fly in any real airplane, what would it be and why?
    ME-262. My all time favorite jet. Building one and flying it makes me appreciate it all the more.

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