April 2015 Club Meeting Recap

The Mud Run occurred at Prado occurred couple weeks ago, and there were no issues with people flying FPV or Camera rigs from quads. This was an issue the previous year, and the Tower had complained of flying too high and thought it was the PVMAC.

Chino Airshow is coming May 3rd and 4th.
If your at the field, keep an eye out. They have been known to stage aircraft over the Prado airfield before flying over the Chino Airshow.

Chuck talked about people not hearing you when try to retrieve an airplane from the runway or the field. He recommends hollering or yelling, and making sure people have heard your calls and acknowledge you so that there is no incidents.
We had an issue with a member trying to retrieve an airplane, and despite the calling of on the runway, another member buzzed closely over his head. Please be courteous and safe: if someone yells that they are going to retrieve an aircraft, Please try to fly away from their location.

RCX is on its way, May 16 may 17, and online tickets are just $10. Battle of the builders is happening as well. PVMAC will not have a booth there this year.

The weed sprayer was able to spray for weeds, and the field is pretty clean, but they did find an unusual weed that is immune to the spray, so they are looking into that.

An Additional deluxe porta potty will be delivered for the event and remain there until the Toys for Tots event in December.

The PVMAC Contract for our Prado field land is still month to month and is tied up. It’s a Very slow process.

The construction occurring near the entrance to the Prado field on the right is the Army corps of Engineers Building a dike to protect the women’s prison.

Norton Field News:
New Porto potty in was rented for the Norton field and its in much better condition.
New Wind socks are also put up, and they are mowing the grass now, so everything looks very nice. Fire extinguishers are recharged, and the cracks in the runway are being filled.

Demo Time
201504 img2Randy Brought in his ESM DHC-2 Beaver ARF. He says it looks good, but it doesn’t go together as well as some as there have been some problems with assembly and attention to detail. He talked about how he got the wings mounted straight which was problematic getting the incidence right. From the factory, they expected the wings to be held together with rubber bands. He added some hardware to make it work. The hardware is hidden, and says they did a good Job. He will be fitting a DLE 30 with it. He Upgraded the piston ring with the Frank Bowman ring and Sanded the reed valve as well.

George Pollard (Opening Photo) brought in the World Models 1/3 scale Piper PA-18 Supercub ARF with a DA100 Twin. All the servos and electronics are under the floorboards. All work is to scale. Structure was Beefed up. It has not maidened at the time of writing this. 140” wingspan and 90 inches long and weighs in at 30lbs. The insides are all custom work by George and to scale. George Flew a full size PA-18 years before and soloed it when he was 15 ½.

201504 img3Tom Callahan Brought In his charger setup to show off his New Cell Pro PL8 Charger with parallel charging from FMA. It’s a 1344 watt 40 amp capable charger. He brought in his 2 other smaller chargers, a 50 watt Cellpro Multi 4 and a Hitec 200 watt/10A X2 as well to show how each model stacks up. The Chargers were compared in terms of maximum charge rates for a 3s 2200Mah, 4s 3300Mah, and 6S 5000 Mah batterie as well as Parallel charging multiples of each size. In doing so really highlighted the deficiencies of the smaller chargers.

Roy Barringer won $75
Jim the Doughnut man won $25
Manny won 25
Jim Stout won $50
Darren Wolf won 15
Richard Berman 15
Paul smith won 25
Joe Sharif won 15
Habu Bob won 25
George Pollard Won 15