PVMAC Is An AMA Gold Leader Club!

PVMAC Gold Leader Club AwardThe PVMAC has been accepted as an "AMA Gold Leader Club".  This is great news and very important to your clubs status amongst other clubs and this also means a lot to our local community and to the San Bernardino County Parks Department. Please extend a special “Thank You” to club members Tom Marcure, Greg Stockdale, Steve Parola, Kyle Goodwine, Joni Whitsitt, Sam Wright and others in helping get this accomplished.

In order to recognize the leadership of the best model clubs, the Academy has established the AMA Leader Club Awards. These awards can be earned by any AMA chartered club, by meeting certain standards of community service and activity.
There are three levels of AMA Leader Clubs: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Once a club meets the minimum criteria, it qualifies for different levels based on performance.
AMA has established 6 goals (one goal can be waived) and nine electives to obtain Leader Club status. The ultimate recognition, the Gold level, requires that all goals be met and Each goal must be documented. 

 Congratulations PVMAC!