Club Rules and Regulations

ALL Pilots must read and abide by these rules. Signing of membership form or day pass states that you as the pilot do understand and agree to these rules and guidelines.

***Take notice of illustration of airpark for over-fly area and restricted areas***

  1. PVMAC current year membership card must be worn on member’s shirt or hat so as to be easily seen by others. If flying on 72 MHz place day fee pass or membership card on frequency board when flying.
  2. All pilots must have a current year AMA card on hand and follow all AMA regulations and PVMAC rules and regulations. (In these documents “AMA” is referring to “Academy of Model Aeronautics”)
  3. All pilots using 50/53 MHz requires FCC ham license present at this field.
  4. Students must be always on a buddy box with an instructor. Students can fly at no charge if their Membership Application is in process.
  5. Maximum of five aircraft aloft at one time.
  6. Only pilot, student, and observer at pilot stations.
  7. Pilots must be on pilot stations while flying. Pilot stations are (5) concrete pads.
  8. Pilot performing a special flight demonstration must get consent of all pilots present. Calling out your intention to perform a demonstration while at the pilot station is not sufficient notice to other pilots. You must have their prior consent. Runway must be closed during flight demonstration. The demonstrating pilot must still stand on one of the five designated pilot stations.
  9. Noise restrictions are limited to 106 dB at ten feet taken at four corners of aircraft in designated area. Plus, high speed fly-by approximately 300′ out and 100′ high from pilot stations, maximum dB limit not to exceed 76 dB. This procedure will ensure that we will not exceed 60 dB at the bird sanctuary as per contract for this field.
  10. Keep aircraft in area designated by PVC poles at the outer perimeter corners of fly-over space.
  11. Keep all aircraft maneuvers north of runway-No flying over pilot stations, spectators, or over trees to the east of field (bird sanctuary – Prado). Aircraft must not cross deadline.
  12. Spectators may not go north of the pit area.
  13. Take-offs and landings are to be from right to left into prevailing winds and the traffic pattern is to be clockwise (unless wind conditions dictate otherwise).
  14. No flying over runway. 
  15. Aircraft taking off must pass double yellow lines before rotation.
  16. Aircraft are not allowed to fly above 400′ (AMA Guidelines apply). DESCEND IMMEDIATELY WHEN FULL-SCALE AIRCRAFT ARE FLYING IN THE AREA.
  17. No taxiing in the pit area. Hold onto aircraft to launch ramp area.
  18. Pilots must say loudly “Taking off” or “Landing” as appropriate.
  19. Before retrieving a crashed aircraft in over-fly field area, wait until all aircraft have landed. Close runway to retrieve crashed aircraft.
  20. Dead stick aircraft have the right-of-way over all other aircraft.
  21. Turbine aircraft are not allowed at Prado Airpark.
  22. First aid kit and fire extinguisher are in the small container using club membership key.
  23. All pilots are required to have a working fire extinguisher in their pit area. Fire extinguisher must be in the actual pit area and not in the pilot’s vehicle or trailer.
  24. No electric or gas R/C cars allowed on premises.
  25. No bicycles, scooters, roller blades, or skateboards allowed in pit area.
  26. All dogs must be on a leash. The leash must not exceed six feet in length. The leash must be always anchored or in control of the pet owner. (San Bernardino County code 2100,32.018)
  27. No vehicles on runway, DG runway, or fly-over field area.
  28. Flying R/C aircraft on premises without PVMAC club card or PVMAC day-pass ticket present—subject to fines and/or prosecution.
  29. Club members will monitor the field and check unfamiliar pilots for AMA and PVMAC membership and collect a $20 flying fee if not a PVMAC member.
  30. No alcohol or drugs allowed at the field. Smoking only in designated areas.
  31. Everyone is to place trash in the dumpster that is provided to keep the field clean.
  32. Flying hours Monday through Sunday—sunup to sundown.
  33. The field is open to the public for flying on the weekends from 9 to 5 by paying a $20 day fee. Pilots must have current year AMA membership on their person.
  34. During the week, a club member may bring a guest and is responsible for the guest at all times. Guests must pay a $20 day fee and be an AMA member.
  35. Be aware of signs and notices that may be posted at times. These are informational notices that everyone needs to be aware of—safety issues and other important items.
  36. Any pilot who has been observed flagrantly violating AMA regulations, club rules, and/or the conditions as set forth in the contract of this field will be cited with a violation and/or notice of suspension.
  37. All club members are responsible to ensure that the rules and regulations are enforced. Please restrict flying of any pilot who is observed flying in an unsafe manner.
  38. All disputes must be brought before the Board of Directors for resolution.
  39. Current membership renewal deadline is December 31 — no exceptions. This renewal date applies to memberships granted on or after September 15. You are considered a new member after December 31, and will be required to pay new membership rates.
  40. Pilots employing “First Person View” to operate their aircraft must do so accordance with AMA Document #550. A copy of this document can be found in the display case.
  41. Helicopters and park flyers with flat foam wings must take off in their designated areas—south of the parking lot.
  42. Cucamonga Ave. Main Yellow gate instructions: Once you have arrived and unlocked the gate it can remain propped open. The PVMAC bell and lock needs to be relocked and secured on the slide bar in the locked position. This way all entities utilizing this gate can secure it at night. This gate is owned by the Army Corp. of Engineers and also controlled by the San Bernardino County Parks Department.
  43. Field gate instructions: Unlock and open gate. Last PVMAC member to leave the Prado Airpark must close and lock both yellow gates.
  44. All pilots must have a current FAA drone registration valid through out current membership year.

Our address is: 17202 Cucamonga Ave., Chino, CA

GPS Location33°55’56.7″ N, 117°37’52.6″ W
Prado Park Ranger909-393-8428 
Chino Police Department909-628-1234
Chino Fire Department909-902-5260

Please keep in mind that we are guests on this property owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, supervised by San Bernardino County Parks and Recreation, and overseen by California Department of Fish and Game. Representatives from any of these agencies are to be treated with utmost respect and courtesy.

Prado Airpark
Operational Area Diagram

Prado Airpark: 33°55’56.7″ N, 117°37’52.6″ W
All operations must be at or below 400 feet above ground level (AGL).
Blue-shaded area: Prado Airpark Operational Area

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