Fire Extinguishers Required in 2015!


It has been discussed and decided by the current 2012 PVMAC Board of Directors that in 2013 all PVMAC members flying at either Norton or Prado will be required to have an A, B And C rated fire extinguisher in their pit area. We will start policing this in January. This is something that many other local flying fields have been doing for several years now.   It is already in our rules package that the club highly recommends having one with you.

Why the new Rule?  We all need to do our part to protect our flying fields.  We are flying on leased land,  and all it takes is one mishap for them to decide not to renew our lease.  We must do everything in our power to keep our fields open.  Fires have already claimed a couple of flying fields last year, and we dont want this to happen to our Club.

And if that unfortunate accident should occur,  make sure to grab your extinguisher and run out to the crash site to ensure that it has not sparked a fire.  This is not the time to stand around and do a play-by-play, as there will be plenty of time for this after the peices have been gatherd and the risk of fire has been removed.  

Home Depot sells an A, B And C Rated Recreational Fire Extinguisher for $20, and I’m told that Cost-co might have a deal on 2 of them.  You may considder a Class D Fire extinguisher if your heavily invested in Lipo technology, however they are expensive.  That being said, though the  Class A,B,C extinguisher would be ineffective at extinguishing a lipo fire, it would be effective at extinguishing any secondary fires that might occur as a result of the lipo fire, such as adjacent dry grasses or the fuslage remains. 

Fire Extinguisher Standards 

Class A Ordinary combustibles
Class B Flammable liquids & Gasses
Class C Electrical equipment
Class D Combustible metals
Class K Cooking oil or fat



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