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  • 2024 Big Jolt

    PVMAC – Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club
    Prado Field – 7980 McCarty Rd, Chino, CA 91708

    Get your batteries charged and your electric planes ready to tear up the skies over Chino! The PVMAC Annual ELECTRIC ONLY event is right around the corner! Come join us for a weekend of FUN and comradery.

      Pilots – Don’t Forget, there are a few requirements!

      Current AMA Required! This is an AMA Sanctioned Event!
      PVMAC REQUIRES proper FAA registration marking on your plane.
      You must have a fire extinguisher in your pit area.
      Heli’s are ok but must fly the pattern and fly from the runway.
      No Smoke – Smoke is prohibited at our field.

      Registration will be available day of event. $40 pilot entry, lunch Included on Saturday.
      A limited number of reserved pit stalls are available for purchase.


    • 2024 Wings Over Chino

      PVMAC – Pomona Valley Model Airplane Club
      Prado Field – 7980 McCarty Rd, Chino, CA 91708

      Get Your Scale RC model READY! Remember, it must be a scale plane or helicopter – No turbines are allowed.

      We have reserved pits available, lunch will be served, and tons of fun and comradery.

      Pilots – Don’t Forget, there are a few requirements!

      • Current AMA Required! This is an AMA Sanctioned Event!
      • PVMAC REQUIRES proper FAA registration marking on your plane.
      • No Turbines. Sorry, they are not approved for use at our field.
      • You must have a fire extinguisher in your pit area.
      • Scale Heli’s are ok but must fly the pattern and fly from the runway.
      • No Drones. While we are a 100% drone-friendly field during normal use, for this event, it’s scale flying model aircraft only.
      • If flying glow or gas, NO DRIPPING on the pit or runway surface. You must catch/recycle fuel! NO SPILLS!
      • No Smoke – Smoke is prohibited at our field

      Registration will be available day of event. $45 pilot entry, lunch Included on Saturday.

    • Eliminator Race | 2023 In-N-Out Cookout Recap

      The Eliminator Race of October 15th, 2023 has the highest number of entries to date at 49. RWYB had 15, Silver 20 and Gold 16. Each class had a qualifying class of 12; with the top 4 pilots receiving a 1st round bye. The weather was warm with next to no wind all day. The sky was clear, and we took some of the best photos ever. The photos are posted on the warbirdracing.org website.

      Run What You Brought: The top qualifier was Andy McBride with a 2:30.06 while Tony Frackowiak held the bump spot at 2:31.34. That’s a qualifying window of only 1.34 seconds. No doubt that the lap beeps are playing a roll in the qualifying. Later in the day the best time posted in Eliminations was 2:30.30 held by Gerald Meux in the Semi Finals where Billy Malo was able to advance to the finals with the slowest time of 2:40.12. All 4 finalists (Gerald Meux, Tony Frackowiak, Chris Malo and Billy Malo) received a new FSM P-51 from FMS Models. And Gerald Meux won the event, and a ugly green event winner hat, with 2:32.13 in the final round.

      Silver: At this event the pilots voted to remove lap beeps during the qualifying. The qualifying window shows the effects. The Top qualifier was Chris Malo with 2:01.48 with the bump spot at 2:06.93 held by Chris’ father Billy Malo. This makes the largest qualifying window of the event at 6.93 seconds. Billy Malo won the event as the 12th qualifier, with the best time in eliminations, 2:00.22. It goes to show you that all you have to do is get into the show and you can take it all. Before the final race all 4 pilots decided to split the purse evenly, showing good sportsmanship.

      Gold: The qualifying window for Gold was 4.04 seconds. Scott Manning held the bump spot with a 1:34.04. Gary Long, Scotty Baker and Aaron Singleton all missed the show with 1:34.22, 1:34.34 and 1:34.41 respectively. They where so close but was unable to get that last 4 tenths of a second to make it in. Our top qualifier was Dave Sullivan with 1:30.57. There is no doubt that he was dialed in. Winning the event was Dave Gardner with a 1:30.39 in the finals, which was the best time in the event.

      Other notable items:

      One story line is Tony Frackowiak. He managed to make it to all 3 finals placing 2nd in RWYB and Silver. He also placed 3rd in Gold. Tony was a victim of our only runway collision, damaging his Gold airplane. Gerald Meux’s Gold plane was the other party to the collision. But both pilots made it to finals softening the blow. As we all know, racing comes with it’s ups and downs.

      One of the best photos ever taken, came with Dave Sullivan and David Lloyd having a mid-air collision that both airplanes survived. We attached the photo sequence of the event here: Warbird Racing.

      Another notable mid-air collision was in the silver class; between the McBride brothers. Sadly, both aircraft were completely destroyed.

      Marta Horvath also had ups and downs this event. In the 2nd round of qualifying, she held the top spot with a 2:30.27, her best time ever. By the end of qualifying, she held the 5th spot, but was eliminated in the 1st round.

      We invited local spectators to this event and had a nice turn out. We estimate that over 60 people came out to watch the races throughout the day. The In-N-Out Truck provided close to two hundred burgers. Many of the spectators that have never flown asked about learning how to fly and how to get involved. Others that do fly expressed interest in racing in 2024. We are currently working on ways to make the event more spectator friendly.

      We also wanted to note that we had some new pilots that joined us for the first time. Dave Sullivan, Jeff Robinson, Tetsuo Yamada (from Japan), Randy Dauer, Dan Duffy, Jeremy Verano and Jun Sawamura (JR Pro).

      Lastly, we want to thank everyone for their support, sportsmanship and efforts to promote the eliminator races. Event after event, our product is improving. We ask that you continue to support and promote upcoming events.

      Ben McBride

    • 21st Annual Toys 4 Tots Fun Fly & Swap Meet

      Toys for Tots photoWe are pleased to announce the 21st Annual Toys For Tots Fun Fly, which will be held on December 1st, 2019.  To join the flying fun, the landing fee for the day is either a brand new unwrapped toy with a value of $20.00 or more or $25 cash. There will also be a Pancake Breakfast and Hot Dog Lunch for a small donation.

      All Donations & Proceeds will go to benefit our US Military Families through the San Bernardino Childrens Fund, which has a goal of providing 30,000 gifts to children in need. 

      All the fun starts at 6am, December 1st 2019 Rain or Shine

      If you cannot make it,  we encourage you to bring a donation to the November Club meeting on either November 12th, or December 10th, or you can even drop a toy off to Steve at Hobby Club USA in Pomona. 

      Please come out and support the Toys for Tots and . You can make a big difference to a child of a military family and all it takes is an inexpnsive toy.   Flying airplanes is an expensive hobby, and many of us spend hundreds and more a year on it. So there shouldn’t be any excuse to come out and support this event by donating a $20 toy.  Even if your not planning on flying,  bring a toy, enjoy the company of friends and watch the action. Toys are in short supply this year so the kids need us to come through this year.

      This is an AMA sanctioned event, and Current AMA card is required to fly. The 400′ Rule will be strictly enforced.  

      Please Contact Steve Parola with any questions.

      Flyer coming soon.   

      Supported by:

         hobbyclubUSA logo175

    • Wings Over Prado 2015 Recap

      wings over prado 2015 logo 300The Wings Over Prado Scale Fun Fly Event has come and gone, and was a huge success.   Dispite the weather trying its best to put a damper on things, pilots and spectators alike managed to have a great time catching up with old friends, making new ones, and of course flying.  

      With 55 registered pilts there were plenty of great looking aircraft everywhere you look in the air and on the ground.  It was amazing to see the craftmanship and attention to detail on so many of the models, and Large Scale models were very popular this year.  It was also nice to see there was an even mix of Electric and gas models flying throughout the weekend.  

      Fridays weather was a bit cold, and the winds kicked up a bit in the late morning, but the rain stayed away which made for a good day of flying.  By Saturday, everyone was ready to kick it into high gear, with all the Pilot stations full most of the time.   Saturdays weather, was much the same, until about 2:30pm when the rain finally decided to hit Prado field,  But by then almost everyone had their fill of great flying.   There were some great prizes that were raffled off in a hurry due to the impending rain, but many folks went home happy with some new toys.   

      The only bummer was that the evening banquet at the field had to be canceled due to the cold and rainy weather.  But that doesn’t mean that people went hungry.  The grill was going from morning until afternoon, turning some of the best pancakes, burgers and hot dogs, along with some great french fries thanks to a portable deep fryer.  

      Sunday made was the best day weather wise for flying and the people who remained enjoyed the best weather that southern california has to offer and no one seemed eager to go home. 

      The usual group of volunteers turned up to help make the event a success, but this time around we had many more spectators than usual.  There were many familar faces coming out to support the club, as well as some new ones coming out to see what all the excitement was about. The PVMAC and Board would like to thank everyone who helped make this event possible. A special thanks goes  to Joni Whitsitt and Randy Wilber for thier dedication and tremendous effort in putting this event together, as without thier tireless dedication, this event would not have happened.   

      Here is a list of the awards Given out at the event.

      1st Place Bi-Plane: Rich Pandis, Fokker D7thumb 7L1V4997 211
      1st Place Civilian: Kyle Goodwine, Circus 22 thumb 7L1V5022 211
      1st Place Multi-Engine: Keith Costas, Martin B-10thumb P4250446
      1st Place EDF Jet: Bret Hecht, Bryon F-15thumb 7L1V3687 211
      1st Place Detailed ARF: Paul Smith, A-10 Warthog
      1st Place Military: Chris Wolfe, Mirage III RS EDFthumb 7L1V2443 211
      2nd Place Military: Chris Spangenberg, Newport 28thumb 7L1V4483 211
      3rd Place Military: Gregg Minden, Tucanothumb 7L1V2774 211
      1st Place People’s Choice: Rich Pandis, Skymaster F-4 Phantom EDFthumb 7L1V4995 211
      2nd Place People’s Choice: Bret Hecht, Bryon F-15thumb 7L1V5072 211


      We have a photo gallery up with Tons of great photos provided courtisy of Larry Griffiths a.k.a. twoeleven. He has a great eye and the photos are tac sharp thanks to his high end gear, so I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I have, Thank you Larry.   

      2015 Wings Over Prado Gallery. 

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