Guest Flying

Guest Flying Questions

  • Is guest flying allowed for non-members?
    • Guests are allowed to fly at the PVMAC up to 3 times per year and requires a $20 day pass.
    • Starting in January 1st, 2020, The day pass fee was increased to $20, and now have a limit of 3 times per year. After 3 times flying as a guest, you will be required to attain a membership if you wish to continue flying at the PVMAC.
  • What happens after flying as a guest 3 times in the same calendar year?
    • You will be contacted and encouraged to join the PVMAC as a member, as you will no longer be permitted to fly at the PVMAC field during that calendar year without joining the PVMAC as a full member. You will be able to apply the $60 you paid as a guest towards a yearly membership.
  • Where can I get a $20 day pass?
    • You can approach any member at the field and purchase a day pass. Hold on to your receipt, as this is the proof that you have paid for the day. 
  • When is the field open to the public?
    • On weekends Prado is open to the public from 9am-5pm, but requires a $20 day pass which you can obtain at the field. Prado is closed to the public Monday through Friday. Members may bring guests at any time, including during the week, however a day pass is still required. Club members are responsible for their guest(s) at all times, and responsible for collecting the $20 Day pass fee. 
  • What is required of guest fliers?
    • $20 Day pass (limited to 3 per year)
    • Read and follow the club and AMA rules. 
    • Valid Current AMA card.
    • Current FAA Card.
    • Each plane has FAA number on it (FAA requirement).
    • Do not exceed 400′ ceiling (FAA Requirement).
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • Treat the field as you would your own.
    • Be courteous to our members.
  • Who is required to pay day fees?
    • Any non-member flying solo or with a guest must pay the day fee of $20. No exceptions. Students on buddy boxes can fly at no charge. Please see a club member to purchase a pass. 
  • My family member or friend is from out of state and flies solo. Does he/she still have to pay a day fee?
    • Yes, the rules for day fees apply to all guest pilots at all times. 
  • Where do Day Fees go?
    • All collected day fees with a copy of the day pass must be turned in to the strong box at Prado or to the Treasurer. They are deposited into the general fund and help pay for club expenses.
  • Who collects day fees?
    • Any PVMAC member or Field Marshal can collect day fees. The receipt book is located in the small locked box next to the tan container. The guest is given the yellow copy for the frequency board, the pink remains in the book, and the white copy goes into the deposit slot on the tan container.

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