February 2015 Club Meeting Recap

FEBMTG15 02As you know, we have our monthly PVMAC club meetings which are held on the second Tuesday of every month at the Chino Community Building at 7pm. We usually only get about 10% attendance, which is not great for a club of this size.  It would be great if we had greater attance by our members to show their support for the club and what their elected board is doing to keep our club beautifly maintained, safe and open for flying.   We realize that its not feasible for some to attend, so we will try to recap the discussions and post them here on the website on a monthly basis.

I apologize in advance if I got your name wrong or mispelled.   

Minutes From January meeting were read by president Chuck Pozanac

Minutes from January.

  • We had 40 members attend in January
  • Officers (board members) will remain the same as previous year as voted by members in December
  • Membership is at 376 as of January 13.
  • Signed up 9 new members at AMA, and our booth was a huge success.  lots of volunteers.
  • Broken window at snackshack will be repaired And Wood panel Placed to prevent entering through window.
  • Weeds at prado will be sprayed very soon.
  • Joni presented the wings over Prado
  • Tom Marcure said we will only be using the new membership form for the rest of the year.
  • It was reported that there is district 10 scholarship money and we need to do a better job of getting the word out.
  • Steve Parole went home with $75
  • The PVMAC Newsletter editor has resigned and we are need of a new newletter editor.

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 New Items For February Meeting…

  • The treasury report was read.
  • The Drone at LAX was discussed, at 4000 went over a SW airliner at LAX so be careful and follow the rules
  • Hemit had a problem with a full scale aircraft and an RC airplane flying too high.
  • Classic Pattern event was a blowout (pun intended)  Way too windy…, so it was discussed that it could be rescheduled for March 21st
  • Boysouts wants to bring some kids to train in the coming months. So it was discussed that we might need to organize better than last time.
  • Board members hired some folks to trim the trees up, at the cost of $1.12 per member.
  • Weeds were sprayed and the weeds are dying
  • Dog people are utilizing the site more frequently, will be back february 14th and 15th, and March 7th and 8th, If you see any issues, or you don’t see any issues, the board members are looking for feedback.
  • Tom Marcure, out of 384 members, 350 figured out how to Renew  or sign up as new members correctly.
  • Norton members will be spraying for weeds in the next few weeks.
  • Randy Wilber and Joni Whitsitt encouraged everyone to come out to the Scale event  “Wings Over Prado” coming up April 24-26. Invited everyone to come out and bring any scale plane. He reminded us that this is the PVMAC’s event and needs the attendance. Come out and eat, participate, fly or just spectate… Any scale airplane, even foamies are ok to fly so come out. The Scale event is replacing the Scale squadron event normally held at the Prado Field.
  • Discussion opened up about having Sand buckets at the field for smothering Lipo Batteries, and it was agreed that we should have a couple of them on had to smother the batteries in the case of a fire.
  • 39 members in attendance at club meeting.
  • Chuck found out that the Paintball place next to Prado is using Quads to photo events, also they use the quads to photo events a Prado. Chuck will be notifying chino tower that there are others flying quads.
  • Chuck and Larry talked about a DJI QuadCoptor that Larry Marsh bought, and are trying to educate the Tower at chino on what they are and what the PVMAC is  doing at Prado to ensure safety of Full scale aircraft.

Board member Larry Marsh talked about a couple things.

  • PVMAC Collected $140 in day passes in last month.   Some people are writing day passes, but some are not just taking money and putting in drop box, which is ok as at least the club gets the money but, not good as we don’t know if they have AMA. Be sure to write day passes and check for AMA.
  • We have an animal getting in the trashcans at the Prado field. Keep Lid closed,
  • A rare occurrence at Prado field. A large scale Corsair ran into a bird in the air in a mid air the Prado field. The Bird got chopped up and ended up into cowl.

There were 6 presentations.

  • Tom Marcure presented a mini quadrotor, Pico. By Horizon Hobby comes with a Micro controller and USB controller. Sells for $40
  • Paul Smith Presented a plane he restored which was a scratch built aircraft called checkers. Paul also has many plans from an estate sale for sale, that he will post at the field in glass case in case your interested.  Engine was ceased, and he heated it up inside a hot car to make it un-seized so he could lube it up.
  • Steve Gamble presented a Sea fury called  Critical mass by Rock hobby sold at motion RC. The 1951 Sea fury debuted at 1987 , Gave background on all race plane. Runs on 4s2200mah, 70 amp speed controller. Sells for $200, without batt and receiver. Battery should be Retracts included. Very fast.
  • Chuck Pozanac presented the Corsair by Roc Hobby talked about background of this particular corsair which was a F2G Super corsair Kamikaze interceptor built by Goodyear. Climbs at 7000feet per minute. Cook Cleveland Made the plane famous. Plane is extremely fast at 100mph and exciting.
  • John presented the roc hobby P-51 Voodoo. They talked about how that they would race them in the air together. 2500mah battery balances out better than 2200mah. Setup on low rates was even too much, 6mm is all it needs, with 10% expo
  • Oscar brought in a pulse jet engine he bought for $100 at hobby king with ignition. He is looking for a Buzz bomb plans to put it in. on Gas produces 4.5 to 5 lbs thrust, maybe 1 lb more with glow fuel. he’s started it and reports its extremely loud. He is thinking to make his own double size to sell.
  • Joe presented a Horizon hobby Blade 180. Is extremely fast but very stable. 3 cell 450mah barely fits this has standard servers no linier like 130 , castle creations ESC included. It’s a blade 300 or 700 and shrunk it down.
  • Randy Wilbur brought in his Wrecked CMP composite ARF T-6. It looked like Confetti It was his birthday the day it wrecked, he also lost his car keys (: the radio lost contact, no control. Could be a switch.

FEBMTG15 01Manny won $65 in 50/50 raffle

Ted Novak won $25
Daniel Miller won $15
Paul Smith won $25
Steve Parolla won $50
Mark won $25
Jim Stout won $25
Larry won $15
Randy Wilbur $75
Mike Keys Won $15
John R. won $50

Meetign Adjourned at 8:45





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