2010 Voting Guide

Your 2011 Nominations for PVMAC Board of Directors
(in alphabetical order by last name)

John Angle (Incumbent)
 I have been a PVMAC Board Member for the past 2 years. I have enjoyed working alongside the other board members in keeping the club moving forward in a positive manner. I am looking forward to another year on the PVMAC Board of Directors with your help. We as a group have many new exciting ideas and plans for the 2011 PVMAC season. Thank you for your support.
Roy Barringer (Incumbent)
I have been on the Board of Directors for two years and have also acted as the clubs secretary for one year. I have assisted and became our clubs contact person with the AMA for our clubs involvement at the AMA Expo for the past two years. I look forward in this upcoming year’s expo and club events. This club has grown immensely and I look forward in what the 2011 year has in store for our club. Thanks
Phil Goodwine (Incumbent)
I became a PVMAC club member in July of 2006 with my son Kyle. We began flying at our Norton field and was asked at that time by our Norton friends to run for the Board of Directors. I became your club President in January 2007 and have served your club as President for the last 4 years. It has been very busy and trying at times in running this club and dealing with the day to day business, but I do enjoy it. I do take pride in what our club has accomplished. I may not always be the easiest person to get along with but when I do set out to do something I usually want it to be the best of my ability and when I make a decision I feel it is the best decision to serve YOU and ME as fellow club members. Fortunately I have been very blessed in owning my own company allowing me to spend extra time in helping the PVMAC to grow and to continue to move forward in a positive spirit. I do this for our friends and our PVMAC family. With YOUR help and assistance I look forward in working with another great Board of Directors in 2011. Thanks for your support, Phil Goodwine
Tom Marcure
I joined the PVMAC about one and half years ago. After spending several months learning to fly and getting to know other club members, I decided I wanted to become more active in the club. I started attending Board meetings and Membership meetings in October of 2009 and have not missed either meeting since. Most recently I was asked by the Board of Directors to assist them in finalizing some requirements for our new field lease. I have been very active in volunteering at our clubs special functions and events. It can be tough to find volunteers to help run the club and with everything that the successful operation of the club requires. I do not wait to be asked, I look for opportunity to make a difference and volunteer whenever and wherever I can. It is my goal to help make the PVMAC the friendliest club around. When the fun ends on Monday morning, you can find me at my day job as the Director of Operations and IT at an electronic manufacturer in Anaheim. With all that said, I ask that you cast your vote for me at the December 14th meeting. Thank You, Tom
Ken McSpadden (Incumbent)
Ken McSpadden, (Incumbent) My Dad taught me to fly R/C airplanes when I was 12 years old back in 1977. He was one of the founding members of this club long before that and later helped acquire and develop our current field at both Norton and Prado. I fly a little bit of everything from Giant Scale Racers and turbine powered jets, to scale warbirds and park flyer foamies, and have traveled to many different clubs and modeling events across the United States. I have been a Board member the past 2 years and I am proud of the progress that this club has made and the leadership that has made it possible. I support our member’s ability and right to fly a variety of R/C aircraft at our field and strive to make sure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. In return, I feel all club members should treat each other and their flying fields with equal fairness and respect. The PVMAC has made significant progress with the level of participation by our members in club-related activities, but we still have much more progress to make in that area. Our club is one of the largest in the country, but still lags behind much smaller clubs in member participation. This participation includes volunteering to help
at club events, flying at these same events, attendance at club meetings, and coming out and helping at scheduled field maintenance days. Most members don’t realize that our flying fields are not permanent. In fact our grasp on them is very tenuous. A strong, vibrant club with a large group of active members who participate regularly in club events that involve the community is probably one of the best ways we can position ourselves to keep our flying sites safe for us to use. I hope you agree with me and will work with me by being an active member in the PVMAC and supporting the leadership as we continue in this direction.
Charlie Mitchell (Incumbent)
I am a retired plumbing contractor. Before that I was a purchasing agent for a maritime company. I have been on the PVMAC Board of Directors for the past three years. I also help out with coordinating pilot student training with our clubs qualified pilot instructors. Since I am retired I have more time available than many of our clubs younger members to devote to our club and to help out at our clubs special events. If elected again to our clubs Board of Directors, I will continue to help build and promote the club. I would appreciate your vote.
Lonnie Morrison
In 1998, the PVMAC secured a contract from the park to build a remote control airfield. At that time I was instrumental in getting much of the funding to install the runway. At that time the club did not have enough money to build it, so I and several other members donated funds to help with the cost. Since that time we have been lifetime members. I also wrote many letters to get donations from other organizations, including AMA which donated $10,000 to help with the installation of the runway. Two years later I contracted to have additional pit areas with tie-downs and two additional taxi ways installed. I was instrumental in purchasing and planting the trees and kept them watered for three years. I am now running for the board to continue helping the club with preserving the trees that are still alive. I am also interested in keeping the contract with the park and the preservation of our airfield. I have been active in all areas of the club and have held several offices in the past.
Steve Parola (Incumbent)
I am running for re-election as one of your PVMAC Board members.
I have been with PVMAC since it merged with R/C Country in 1989. I have been a modeler since I was ten years old and I built my first R/C radio from a Heath Kit in 1965 and then life got in the way until the 1980’s when I was able to get back into R/C flying with my kids. In 1972, I met my wife, Terri, at the phone company and we moved to Chino in 1978 when we raised our five wonderful children. I spent 38 years with GTE/Verizon and for the past 21 years my wife and I have also owned and operated a local hobby store dedicated to the promotion of R/C aircraft.
In 1989, in a continuing effort to secure a contract for the now Prado Air Field, Ken McSpadden, Sr. and Bill McGurdy asked me to bring three different type forty size airplanes to a vacant parcel of land in South Chino where the Army Corp of Engineers, the San Bernardino Parks Dept. and the U.S. Fish and Game were present to evaluate the impact that our hobby would have at that location. Fortunately, we passed with “flying colors”.
Since that time, I have been an avid supporter of PVMAC. I have been involved in the initial fund raising effort and construction of the field and served as Field Marshal, Board Member, Secretary and Vice President. In addition, I have been involved in the field contract negotiations for both Norton and Prado.
As your representative on the board, I will continue to advocate on behalf of the membership.
chuck_pozanac I have been a PVMAC member for the past ten years, and have served as the clubs Vice President for the last five years. I most recently have been acting as the clubs liaison to Chino Airport. I have been in modeling for more than forty years. I am a full scale pilot and have my own 1947 Piper PA-12 at Chino Airport. I am also a small business owner in the aircraft industry. With your support I look forward in serving our club and working alongside the other seven PVMAC Board of Directors in 2011.
Paul Smith / Colonel USAF Retired, (Incumbent)
I have been an AMA member for the past forty five years and with the PVMAC as a member for the past ten years. I flew control line and competition free flight for many years and have enjoyed RC for thirty five years. I am currently the only Board of Director member representing our Norton field and flyer. I have served as the club contact with the San Bernardino Airport (formerly Norton AFB) Authority. I do most of the pilot training at Norton and do several first flights for new aircraft at our clubs Norton field. I have a full scale private pilots license, but confine my aviating to the RC field now. If elected I will continue my support to our club whether elected or not, but I do feel our members do need a Board of Directors representative from our Norton field. Thanks
Sam Wright (Incumbent)
During my tenure as a 2010 PVMAC Board Member, I also acted as our clubs program coordinator for our field and was also our clubs newsletter editor. I have enjoyed my time working along with the others on our current 2010 Board of Directors. We have made very big strides in our clubs events and status. I feel compelled to continue to serve the members of the PVMAC club for 2011. With your assistance I can do that.

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